Where we sail

View of the Komodo archipelago from a high point on Rinca island.

If you’re wanting to go sailing in Indonesia, you’ve come to the right place. “Dunia Baru” is Indonesian for “New World” and as you sail among the country’s 17,000 islands on this luxurious superyacht you really do get that sense that you’re exploring somewhere very few people have travelled before.

Among the islands around Komodo National Park, where Dunia Baru is based from April to September, the rugged islands created by volcanoes (some still active) and untamed, empty beaches provide a wild, thrilling backdrop for a Dunia Baru adventure. On land there are Komodo dragons to search for and crater lakes to kayak on, while under water you can explore exquisite coral gardens and mingle with marine life (including manta rays, six species of turtles, reef sharks and barracuda).

Raja Ampat, the spectacular archipelago around which Dunia Baru sails from October to February, is regarded as one of the best locations for diving in all of Indonesia. In fact according to Conservation International, Raja Ampat boasts some of the most spectacularly diverse marine life in the world. The landscape here is dramatic: pinnacle islands rise from the sea, creating an archipelago that, from the air, looks like shards of moss-covered rocks scattered across sublime clear-water bays.

While Dunia Baru is based around Komodo and Raja Ampat, she can be chartered for trips to other parts of Indonesia – after all, there are literally thousands of islands to explore, and this is your adventure. Please speak to your broker about destinations you’d like to visit, and we will discuss these with the captain.


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