Yacht Style, Issue 35

Superyacht Dunia Baru in Yacht Style magazine

One of the most special things about spending time onboard Dunia Baru is that feeling of living an adventure. Even when you see her from a distance you know: this boat is something special. Built entirely in Indonesia and in the traditional phinisi style, Dunia Baru looks as evocative as her name, which means “New World” in Indonesian. And not only that: the superyacht sails through some of the most exciting areas on the planet: waters teeming with marine life and islands that are home to the most curious creatures.

We’re really pleased with press coverage we’ve received this month in issue we of Yacht Style magazine. Across four pages, the story of superyacht Dunia Baru unfolds and gives readers a glimpse into the process of the build, as well as the areas in which the superyacht sails. Here are two extracts from the story:

A dragon prowls malevolently along the shoreline of a remote tropical island. Just offshore, beyond the reef, a twin-masted timber sailing ship sways at anchor beneath a dusky sky that is flecked with giant bats. It’s like a cliche from some Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. But this time it’s real life. The backdrop of course is Komodo archipelago near the heart of the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia, the world’s greatest island nation. And the star of this movie? The star is Dunia Baru, famous as the most luxurious yacht ever built entirely in Indonesia.

…Watching Dunia Baru clipping her way through the mysterious current-swirled channels of Komodo under her 500 square meters of claret-coloured sail is like being transported back to the great days of exploration. We’re just a few miles off Flores – the island which Portuguese mariners first named as the “Cape of Flowers” – but the savannahs of Komodo, studded with the tousled heads of lontar palms, have a dark, brooding mystery all of their own.


Cover of Yacht Style magazine

Dunia Baru is available for charter and if
you’re interested in spending time on this
superyacht, please 
speak to your broker.
For more information
on the superyacht and where
she sails, please see our website.


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