The Superyacht Owner, August 2016

Dunia Baru in Myanmar

Chartering Dunia Baru is synonymous with investing in an adventure. You just need to take a quick glance at this magnificent superyacht to see why: with her bark-colored sails and superbly crafted ironwood hull, she tugs at the heartstrings of anyone who has ever dreamed of living an explorer’s life.

She doesn’t only look the part, however. Dunia Baru lives the adventure, sailing in archipelagos that align perfectly with the suparyacht’s name, which means “new world” in Indonesian. Last December Dunia Baru’s owner sailed her from her native Indonesia to Thailand, and then in to the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, truly one of the last frontiers on this planet. It was a trip that was filled with that irresistible sense of adventure, where every day brought something different: expansive land- and seascapes, exciting diving, and only rarely, contact with other people.

The Superyacht Owner spoke with Dunia Baru’s owner regarding the logistics of the trip, and you can read the full article here.

Logistics aside, it’s fair to say that Robba’s first experience of Myanmar back in March has won over his heart. “Our first experience there earlier this year was incredible,” he says. “It is so beautifully remote, you feel like you are cruising in a lost world. During our seven day trip we only saw one other yacht and a few fishing boats!”

Such is his enthusiasm for the region that he has already made arrangements to charter the boat in the country from December through to March.

Thank you for the opportunity to chat about Myanmar, Dominique Afacan – it’s a wonderful destination, and we look forward to returning later this year.

Dunia Baru is available for charter and if
you’re interested in spending time on this
superyacht, please
speak to your broker.
For more information
on the superyacht and where
she sails, please see our website.


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