Asia-Pacific Boating, July/August 2016

Superyacht Dunia Baru

What is it that makes superyacht Dunia Baru so special? It’s quite difficult to isolate one particular thing and say, “that’s it; that’s why she’s in a class of her own”. Dunia Baru’s perfection is the combination of so many things (and people): she was built in the style of the traditional Indonesian phinisi, predominantly by Indonesian shipwrights who hail from a long line of ship builders; she was built to sail the Indonesian archipelago; and she was created by someone who, decades ago, chose to make Indonesia his home. Dunia Baru’s heart, her soul, her roots and her style are so deeply intertwined and so perfectly crafted for her environment, that it’s difficult to imagine a boat more suited to sail these South East Asian waters.

In the July/August 2016 issue of Asia-Pacific Boating, there’s an eight-page feature on Dunia Baru. Written by travel photojournalist Mark Eveleigh and based on a trip he did with Dunia Baru earlier this year, it’s a feature that pays homage to the superyacht’s beginnings, and the philosophy around her creation. Along with beautiful photographs of the superyacht and her environment, it makes for wonderful reading.

“The beauty of travel by boat,” Robba continues, “lies in the freedom to be able to change tack at will to check out unexpected landscapes. While we plan the itinerary for our charters in great depths this is inherently an adventure and we try to be open to new experiences.”

… Robba believes that ships like Dunia Baru have a vital part to play as the modern-day pioneers in opening a whole new world of tourism in Indonesia. “How else is it possible for most people even to access these remote spots,” he asks, “Much less to do so in five-star comfort? This is world-class adventure – true exploration… but at a level of luxury that is impossible to find travelling by any other means.”

Read the full story here:

Asia Pacific Boating July August 2016

Asia Pacific Boating Jul-Aug 2016 cover

If you’d like to charter Dunia Baru, please
speak to your broker. For more information
on the superyacht and where
she sails, please see our website.



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