Superyacht Sangria: our recipe

Cocktails onboard superyacht Dunia Baru

It’s Friday afternoon here in Indonesia – just about cocktail hour. If you could join us on superyacht Dunia Baru this afternoon, here in a very special piece of paradise where the sunsets are out of this world, our crew would make sure your glass was never empty. But because it’s a little tricky to get here on such short notice, we thought we’d let in in on the recipe for Dunia Baru’s signature cocktail: Superyacht Sangria.  We hope your mixologist does this drink justice!

Superyacht Sangria

1 shot brandy

1 shot Cointreau

2 shots wine

top up with Sprite, and add finely diced pieces of orange peel

PS About those sunsets:

Sunset and a superyacht

Dunia Baru is available for charter, and sails
in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar. If you’re
interested in chartering the superyacht,
please speak to your broker.


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