Ocean, June 2016

Dunia Baru in Oceans magazine June 2016

When you set foot onboard Dunia Baru one thing becomes immediately apparent: she is not your average superyacht. It is obvious that her build was a very personal process and that she was a labour of love – not just for the owner, but for all involved in the creation of this magnificent yacht.

The June 2016 issue of Ocean magazine featured a four-page story on Dunia Baru’s owner, Mark Robba, and his journey from sailing a Sunfish as a child to building the most luxurious boat ever built in Indonesia. It was an epic project, and Scott Alle and the Ocean team have captured the story beautifully. Thank you!

When [Mark Robba] sends me a photo of almost postcard views [from his factory] over terraced rice fields and banana palms, I’m a little surprised. “Nothing is ever as you expect it to be,” he quips when I mention it.

I later realise it’s an axiom Mark Robba has absorbed during more than two decades in Indonesia, and especially during the epic build of one of the world’s most unusual superyachts.

Nearly 51 meters long, including a magnificent bowsprit, weighing 400 tonnes and constructed entirely from ironwood and teak, the Dunia Baru is a breathtaking realisation of the superlative skills of a group of master craftsmen.

“I guess from the beginning my focus was the she had to be the best build ever built in Indonesia, and I started off getting everyone to commit and agree that this was what the project was going to be,” Robba says.

Read the full story here:

Ocean magazine June 2016

If you’d like to charter Dunia Baru, please
speak to your broker. For more information
on the superyacht and where
she sails, please see our website.


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