Fresh from a superyacht’s kitchen

Food on a luxury charter

If you weren’t hungry before you clicked onto this page, you probably are now. That’s just what happens when Dunia Baru’s chef, Tom Brett, is around. Tom, who’s been working in kitchens since he was 13, works magic with fresh produce that he’s sourced locally and meats that come from Australia. Tempted to join us for a meal? Here are a few dishes you could expect…

Chicken and cashew (pictured above) is based on a Thai dish, which is usually stir-fried. Here, a deboned chicken leg was stuffed with cashew nuts and rice, and served with  baby egg plant, enoki mushrooms, e’shallots, watercress and a chilli-base sauce.

Food image 2

Spiced duck breast with pumpkin puree and sweet potato is a favourite with Dunia Baru’s guests. It was marinated for two hours and then glazed with more spices… and after a day spent diving, snorkelling or chilling on isolated beaches, this meal is a treat.

Food image 3

Two things are certain when you charter Dunia Baru: the food will be a highlight of your holiday, and you will not go hungry. As an afternoon snack, the charcoal pork belly with pickled plum and watercress (foreground) and garlic spanner crab (behind) are unforgettable.

Food image 5

Tom bought king prawns – each the length of his fore-arm – at a local fish market while on charter. He barbecued the king prawns and served them with a papaya salad. That’s the beauty of sailing these waters: fresh fish and produce abound.

Guests who charter Dunia Baru are asked
to complete a preferences form, so that our
crew can be sure to prepare meals
to our guests tastes. If you’d like to charter
Dunia Baru, please speak to your broker.


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