A wedding in Bali: Dunia Baru’s chief steward gets married

Charter yacht wedding in Bali

April was a really special month for Dunia Baru’s chief steward Wayan Erry Wirawan, who married his sweetheart Ni Putu Ariasih in a beautiful ceremony on their home island of Bali.

Balinese weddings are spectacular (just look at Wayan Erry and Ni Putu’s outfits!), and very different from most Western weddings – usually there are no speeches or seating plans, and no dance floor either. But what they have in abundance is colour, elaborate decoration, and very special significance behind almost every aspect of the wedding.

There are so many customs and traditions that are adhered to during a Balinese wedding and they usually involve the couple’s families as well as the bride and groom; these ceremonies happen over a few months, during the lead up to the actual wedding. There is a saying in Balinese culture that “you are not only marrying the bride, you are marrying her family too” and the preparations for the wedding are vital for bringing the families together. As is tradition in Bali, the date of the two-day wedding is determined by a priest, who takes the moon and Balinese calendar into consideration when deciding upon the most auspicious day for the couple to marry.

A wedding is, of course, very important to the families involved as well as the villages in which they live, and all of the wedding preparations are usually done by the community. Neighbours will help out with making the decorations and preparing the food, and everybody gets involved. The reception usually takes place in the family home of the groom, which is adorned with decorations made from palm leaves, and here a buffet meal is served throughout the day, allowing for guests to arrive and leave at a time that works best for them.

The outfits worn during the wedding ceremonies are exceptionally elaborate. Both bride and groom wear full make-up and gold jewellery, as well as intricately woven sarongs that often have gold thread woven into the design.

Below are a few photos from Wayan Erry and Ni Putu’s wedding… congratulations to you both; we wish you a wonderful life together, filled with abundant happiness.

Dunia Baru is no stranger to wedding bells, and
the yacht was the location for this exquisite pre-wedding shoot.


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