Billionaire, April 2016

Art on a superyacht in IndonesiaThere is so much that contributes to the character of a superyacht, from the physical design of the boat to the choice of soft furnishings, the colour of the coffee mugs, the personalities of the crew… and of course, the art onboard. Sometimes it’s chosen purely because it looks good and fits with the character of the yacht; sometimes it’s chosen because it’s Art (yes, with a capital A), and sometimes it’s chosen because it has meaning.

Whatever the reason art is chosen for a superyacht, however, owners need to be aware that there are legal and insurance implications to consider when a piece of art is displayed on a superyacht. Take a read through How To Keep Art Aboard Your Superyacht, written by Rebecca Taylor for, which looks at what needs to be taken into consideration when owners buy art for their vessel. (And many thanks for including Dunia Baru’s beautiful art in this feature, Rebecca!)

How to keep art on a superyacht


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