Extreme diving in Raja Ampat

Cliff diving in Raja Amat in Indonesia

It’s really difficult to resist the lure of the crystal clear waters of Indonesia and within moments of stepping onboard Dunia Baru it’s likely you’ll be torn between wanting to sit back and enjoy the spoils of this luxurious vessel, and that need to pull on your swimsuit and dive right into the sea. It’s only natural: Dunia Baru radiates charm and laid-back sophistication… and she sails in some of the most alluring waters on the planet.

But this video shows seven athletes who take “diving in” to the extreme. Not content with simply jumping in from the boat, these high-divers went on an expedition with Red Bull to Raja Ampat, where they explored the karsts and bays around Misool and dived from… well, watch the video. It is, quite literally, breath taking.

Dunia Baru will be back in these waters – considered to be the best in
the world for (Scuba) diving – from late October. If you’d like to charter
the superyacht, please contact your broker.



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