Ribbing it up

New ribs for DB

Taking you to places that’ll blow your mind… that’s something we’re proud of doing here on Dunia Baru. From quite possibly the most spectacular place in the world to watch the sunset to a channel where you can swim with manta rays, every charter is packed with memorable experiences.

While being onboard Dunia Baru is a breathtaking experience itself, we need a little help in getting our guests to some of the spots that make our charters so special, and that’s where these ribs are vital. Since December we’ve acquired two new ribs for Dunia Baru, a 6.8m and 5.5m, and we have a third rib, also a 5.5m, that’s being built for us and will be ready within the next day or two. This new one will replace one of the 4.7m ribs we have at the moment, and we’ll take delivery of it when we return from Myanmar.

So many adventures ahead, and so much to look forward to. (Just wait till we show you the pics of our new toy!)



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