Le Pan, January 2016

Dunia Baru in the media

“If there’s one luxury that’s elusive in this modern world, it’s isolation.” So true, that statement. How often are we able to truly get away? Away from noise, and people, and timetables, and buildings, and ringing phones and incoming email alerts. Being isolated means having space – both mental and physical – to unwind, to indulge, and to simple be.

Isolation – wonderful isolation – is something that writer Adam Baidawi picked up on when he spent time onboard Dunia Baru recently, and something that he mentions in his story, Where Dragons Roam: Cruise to Komodo, for Le Pan magazine:

Komodo National Park, in the heart of the sprawling Indonesian archipelago, feels familiar, yet wholly mysterious. To sail shore-to-shore, island-to-island, through this UNESCO World Heritage-listed site is to learn entirely new shades of blue and green, rustic reds and milky whites.

Around every corner, so it seems, is another stunning vista, another hike-worthy peak, another near-deserted island paradise. So, you hike. You climb. You explore. And beneath these hyper-saturated blue waters is a remarkable collection of marine life.

Here you’re spoiled for sunsets and serenity. And if there’s one luxury that’s elusive in this modern world, it’s isolation.

Read the full story and see Adam’s beautiful images here.


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