Dunia Baru: always shipshape

Luxury yacht Dunia Baru undergoes general maintenance

Indonesia’s finest superyacht is always in mighty fine condition. That’s because our crew takes exceptional pride in the work they do and as well as service, maintenance has always been of utmost importance.

But of course, it’s not only about what you see when you spend time on Dunia Baru: the hull and engines and systems have a rigorous maintenance program, too. Dunia Baru’s just spent a week undergoing annual maintenance in PT Pertamina Shipyard in Sorong. The boat was serviced below the waterline and she has new antifouling paint, the fuel tanks were cleaned, the prop was cleaned and balanced and the propeller shaft was checked for alignment.

Dunia Baru is now ready for the 2000-mile voyage to Thailand and beyond… join us sometime?

Here are a few pics from this past week:


One response to “Dunia Baru: always shipshape

  1. Amazing, looks brand spanking new! Congratulations to the whole crew and all the workers who helped put her in shipshape!

    Sent from my iPhone and Telepathy



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