The best way to photograph Dunia Baru

Luxury yacht for charter in Indonesia

photographs by Hardy Emery

We recently hosted a (super talented) photographic crew onboard Dunia Baru. They were with us to shoot a promotional video and as well as video footage, they shot some stills too. Six thousand photographs, actually, admits photographer Hardy Emery, who was working with his brother, Andre, on the shoot.

The crew sailed with us from Bali to the Komodo archipelago, and Hardy says that climbing Bali’s majestic Gunung Batur and seeing the famous Komodo dragons up close were the highlights of the trip. And of course being onboard our vessel was, too. “The yacht is amazing!” says Hardy. “It’s really authentic, and I loved that everything on Dunia Baru has been handcrafted.”

With 12 days onboard and 6000 photographs shot, you can be sure that Hardy scouted Dunia Baru from every possible angle. His tips for getting the best photographs when you charter the yacht: use a wide-angle lens (a 50mm is always good), and climb all the mountains to shoot from above.

Sunset drinks from a luxury yacht in Indonesia



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