Romancing the East

Prewedding photo on luxury yacht in Bali

Dunia Baru is an outstanding backdrop to almost anything. Looking for an epic adventure? She fits right in among some of the world’s most exquisite islands, which beg to be explored… and a photograph of Dunia Baru against Komodo’s rugged islands is what storybook adventures could be based on. Is swimming with manta rays on your bucket list? Or how about watching whales from the teak deck of a luxury yacht? Or learning to dive in some of the most pristine waters on the planet? Or waking to the gentle lapping of waves, and starting your day in utter luxury as you explore quiet waters in a fascinating part of the world… Once you’ve set foot on Dunia Baru you’ll have no doubt that this vessel is the best way to do and see all this.

But she’s not just a sturdy, superbly built vessel on which to sail and seek adventure. She’s wonderfully elegant; the perfect backdrop to glitz, glamour and romance. Just take a look through these pre-wedding photos, which were shot by photographer Afrizal, on Dunia Baru. Can you imagine any place more enchanting to begin celebrations for a magical day?


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