“Mergui sometimes feels like you’re exploring the New World”

Mergui archipelago in Myanmar

We have become completely captivated by Myanmar. Yes, Myanmar – what used to be called Burma, not what could potentially be a little-known Indonesian island. And you’re right, it’s very unusual for us to mention a non-Indonesian place here on this blog… but there’s good reason for it: in January 2016 we’re setting sail for new waters.

Adventure and discovery is at the very heart of what Dunia Baru’s all about, and that’s just what we’ll be heading for when our yacht sails the Andaman Sea in January. The Mergui archipelago, just north of Thailand, is a little-visited part of this planet and exploring the 800 untouched islands is sure to create some phenomenal memories.

Google contains very little information on the area, which makes the place so much more enticing. And what we could find has been utterly captivating:

The water is the bright, uncompromising blue of a child’s felt-tip pen, turning to pale green where the sea thins around the sandbars. Around us are the high points of islands – scores of them, poking up from the water like the conical peaks of sunken volcanoes from a lost world. Each is covered in dense jungle of mahogany, teak and strangler figs that grow with such fecundity that they seem to devour the islands’ flanks, advancing upon the ocean itself. Some isles have rocky foreshores; others have white beaches that run for miles. At one small island we drop anchor to snorkel in its creamy shallows where languid tides have moulded underwater ridges to create pockets full of shells.

….Travelling between villages sometimes takes a full day’s sailing, through islands Storheil can navigate by sight. Still, he has never previously noticed the beach where we stop to swim – an exquisite, bristling bone-white, which is the best I have seen anywhere in the world. The island, a mile or more in circumference, is unnamed on the charts. “Mergui sometimes feels like you’re exploring the New World,” says Storheil.

This snippets are from a Financial Times feature, The Lost World: Myanmar’s Mergui Islands, written by Sophy Roberts. To read the full feature (and really, you should – it’s fascinating) please click here.

 If you’d like to charter Dunia Baru while she’s in the Mergui
archipelago – or sailing in Indonesia – please contact your broker.



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