Welcome to… Myanmar

Mergui archipelago in Myanmar

True to Dunia Baru’s spirit of adventure, the yacht will be charting new waters early next year. Ever heard of the Mergui Archipelago…?

There are more than 800 rugged islands in southern Myanmar’s isolated Mergui Archipelago. Most of them are completely unspoilt: the diversity of flora and fauna on the islands is staggering, and marine life is prolific. Many islands are covered in thick tropical rainforests, while the coral systems here are thriving. The only people who live in the area are the Moken, fishing and free-diving sea gypseys who spend most of their life on water.

Underwater, the best conditions in the archipelago for diving are from November until April; whale sharks and manta rays are usually in the area from February until May. Other marine life includes frogfish, grey reef sharks, ribbon eels, cowries, mobula rays, lobsters, ghost pipefish and nurse sharks.

For the longest time Mergui, which is in the Andaman Sea off the western shore of the Malay Peninsula, has been closed to tourists. It was opened up in 1997 but even now there are very restricted (and unreliable) flights to the area, so the archipelago is still a beautiful, well-kept secret.

Dunia Baru will be on expedition in these waters from January until April 2016. It will be the voyage of a lifetime and Dunia Baru will be available for charter during this time. If you’d like to create absolutely unforgettable memories and sail where few have done before, please contact your broker.


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