5 reasons to visit Komodo

Komodo draon on Komodo island in Indonesia

Komodo and Rinca islands are home to Komodo dragons, which exist nowhere else in the world. We’ll take you onto one of the islands, where you can walk in search of these descendants of dinosaurs.

The Coral Triangle

Komodo National Park falls within the Coral Triangle, the richest marine ecosystem on the planet. Snorkelling and diving here is simply out of this world.

Kayaking on Satonda Island crater lake in Indonesia

We’ll show you some of nature’s wonders – our crew will take you kayaking on a crater lake, diving or snorkelling around an island that’s an active volcano, and walking along a pink sand beach.

Manta rays in Indonesia

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to swim with manta rays in the Komodo National Park. In 2013 Indonesia declared itself the largest manta sanctuary on the planet and we can take you to a place where it’s not uncommon to be in the water with five mantas swimming around you.

Swinning with stingless jellyfish in Indonesia

We know of a secret lagoon where you can swim among thousands of stingless jellyfish. It’s a beautifully surreal experience.


Dunia Baru is based around Komodo from April until October. Please contact us if you’d like to charter Dunia Baru during this time. From October until February the yacht can be chartered around Raja Ampat. .


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