Strange creatures: White-eyed moray eel

white eye moray eel seen in indonesia

There are some funny-looking creatures that live in the sea around Indonesia. This is a white-eyed moray eel, also known as freckled moray, slender moray, greyface moray or, if you’re into scientific names, Gymnothorax thyrsoideus.

You’ll find these eels mostly in lagoons and protected reefs (and shipwrecks) around the Indo-Pacific, from surface level to 35 meters deep. They’re carnivores, and feed on small fish and crustaceans, mostly at night. If you come across one, you’ll notice that it opens and closes its mouth – something that can look pretty threatening, but don’t be alarmed. It does this to move water through its gills for respiration; these eels are actually pretty shy creatures, and will usually only attack if they’re provoked.

The image here was shot near Lombok by Dunia Baru’s cruise director Leah Sindel.


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