The Crew Report, Spring 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.05.05 AM

The latest issue of The Crew Report is out – and in it, a really interesting feature titled Do You Have A Social Presence?.

“In today’s digital age, the force of marketing products via social media and blogs is huge and its influence is leaking into the world of superyachts,” the feature begins. “While the industry as a whole has been trying to reinvigorate its marketing strategy and attract new clientele for some time now, for individual superyachts seeking to generate revenue from charters, promoting their services through digital marketing appears to be the new trend, with a handful of yachts and crew spearheading the way. Bryony McCabe speaks to captains and charter professionals about the concept and its suitability for superyachts.”

We’re very proud to have been identified as one of the handful of superyachts who are spearheading the way in social media– Bryony, thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this piece, and for seeking out our opinion.

To read through the article, please take a look here, and to see the other press coverage that Dunia Baru has received, please look here.

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