Our secret stingless jellyfish lake

Stingless jellyfish in Indonesia

On an island somewhere in Indonesia, there is an emerald lake inhabited by thousands of jellyfish. It’s a lake completely surrounded by limestone karst cliffs and thick, thick jungle – and word is, very few people in this world know it exists. What’s extra special? The jellyfish don’t sting.

There are only two other lakes in the world that are similar to this one: in Palau, Micronesia, and Kakaban, in Indonesia. Our crew knows the location of a third lake, but we’re keeping its location under wraps.

On extended Dunia Baru charters we take guest to this lake, where they can swim and snorkel with these jellyfish. It really is something pretty spectacular… Take a look at the pics, below, taken by our cruise director Chris Hamilton:


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