Sperm whales: ocean’s giants

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 6.57.56 AM

The other day the Robba family, who’re spending some time on Dunia Baru at the moment, saw a pod of sperm whales. We posted a few pictures here, and then decided to do a little research into the stats into these beautiful, majestic creatures. Here’s what we found:

Sperm whales can live to 70 years

Mature males measure 16 meters in length and can weigh 50 tons

One-third of the sperm whale’s body is its head

Sperm whales’ teeth are cone-shaped and can weigh 1kg each

The intestinal system of large sperm whales can measure up to 300 meters long

The brain of a sperm whale is five times that of a human’s, and can weigh 7.8kg


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