Where whale hunters gather

We recently posted pictures from an island in Indonesia where villagers survive by bartering whale meat… a really interesting place, where whale bones literally line the streets. Hunting whales might not be something you like the idea of – particularly when you consider the dire state of our oceans and all of its threatened and vulnerable species – but villages like the one Dunia Baru guests visited have been surviving on whale meat for centuries.

The video we’ve posted here is from BBC’s Human Planet, and shows a sperm whale hunt in Indonesia. You might be interested to see the traditional methods (the community has been hunting whales for more than 600 years) that the fishermen use to hunt the whales, which feed their families for months at a time.

“It may be sad to us, but to this village it is their lifeline,” narrator John Hurts says. “One whale can feed the village for months … this small-scale hunt doesn’t threaten whale numbers; they only kill about six whales a year.”


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