Show Boats International, December/January 2015

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The latest issue of Show Boats International is out, and guess who’s mentioned on the cover, and featured inside! Kara Murphy is the journalist who wrote the piece, and her  images, which grace the pages of the feature, are absolutely beautiful.

Kara spent a week or so with us earlier this year, and we’re pretty sure that if she could have spent all of her time underwater, she would have… she couldn’t get enough of Indonesia’s underwater world! You can hardly blame her, though – it’s fascinating down there. Here’s a snippet from the Show Boats International feature, and if you’d like to read Kara’s “sailing selfie” and see her exquisite pic of the mantas, please click here.

Yesterday we snorkeled at Takat Makassar, between Komodo and Rinca islands, watching up to seven manta rays at a time perform an underwater ballet while engaging the services of cleaner wrasses. As I fought the current to keep them in view, a group of scuba divers remained stationary, holding onto rocks and bits of coral on the ocean floor. The mantas circled near them, fluttering their ebony capes with each twirl as they investigated these tank-toting, camera-weilding strangers.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 2.15.17 PM


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