The Superyacht Owner, issue 14

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 1.11.28 PM

Dunia Baru is a lesson in patience, commitment and passion … Based in Indonesia for over 20 years, Mark Robba’s decision to take on the challenge of a new build locally, something that would make some owners nervous, was a no-brainer for the American owner … “Having built factories in Mexico, India and Indonesia, the idea of building a large wooden yacht in Indonesia to world-class standards seemed like a worthwhile challenge,” he tells me. “But in all honesty, it was one I completely underestimated the complexity of!” What was conceived as a two-year project quickly grew into a major seven-and-a-half-year undertaking … “We worked to a result, not a time schedule, and we’re very happy with how she’s turned out.” … For others looking to make the leap and commit to such a lengthy process, Robba has some advice: “Firstly, surround yourself with a strong team and get involved with the project, which should help make it an enjoyable experience,” he says. “And do not lose control! The reason you are going the new build route is to built the boat you want, and while you should always listen to the advice on offer, in the end, always follow your instincts. After all, it is your boat and your dream.”

Thank you, Rebecca Curran, for this fantastic feature, which highlights the complexities and commitment that went into building Dunia Baru. We’re absolutely delighted with the four-page feature, which is in Issue 14 of The Superyacht Owner, and the profile of Dunia Baru, too. Thank you!




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