Where to dine in Bali


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One of the joys of travel is being able to indulge in local cuisine and explore the menus of new restaurants. Our chef will take exceptional care of you while you’re onboard Dunia Baru, but what about when you’re on land?

You won’t be short of food choices if you spend time in Bali. Simple roadside warungs dish up tasty mie goreng (fried noodles), nasi goreng (fried rice), gado-gado (steamed vegetables served with peanut sauce), bakso (meatball noodle soup) – and you’ll find an abundance of warungs all over the island. Babi guling (roast suckling pig) is a Balinese speciality; general consensus is that Warung Ibu Oka (opposite the old royal palace in Ubud) serves the best babi guling in all of Bali.

Jimbaran is known for its expanse of beachside restaurants, where you sit with your feet in the sand and feast on the freshest of seafood. There are many restaurants to choose from, and Ganesha Café is highly recommended. Get here before the sun goes down and watch evening fall softly across the coast.

If you’re hungry for a view, it’s hard to beat luxurious Sundara at the Four Seasons in Jimbaran. Their cocktails are out of this world, and the view from the terrace and pool is beautiful. If yo’re keen to try something local, order from the Asian menu, which includes sate, bakso and braised pork belly.

Sakala is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Bali, and dinner here is not to be missed. At this French contemporary restaurant, cuisine is presented as modern art and one of the chef’s specialities includes the foie gras, prepared in seven ways.

Seminyak, a favourite area with designers and trendsetters, is shopping central in Bali. While there and you need a jolt of caffeine, keep an eye out for Revolver Espresso Boutique Coffee House, which serves up some of the best brew on the island. Need more than coffee? At Jemme’s Restaurant, alongside their jewellery store, an award-winning chef serves up delicious tasting dishes.


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