Karst and crew at Raja Ampat

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.18.49 PM

Photograph © Kaufik Anril

Raja Ampat is an area known to divers for its incredibly rich marine ecosystem – some experts say that it is the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world – but it’s just as beautiful above the water as it is below. Up here, pinnacle islands jut dramatically from the water; sometimes the cliffs are barren, sometimes parts of these islands are smothered by lush vegetation, and sometimes they form the most exquisite bays.

These spikey islands are limestone karsts. They would have begun life millions upon millions of years ago as a flat, horizontal surface of dense limestone which, over time, has been eroded by rainfall to carve these dramatic islands. With the formation of karsts, what starts out as a tiny crack in limestone is eroded and eroded and eroded until that crack becomes a mighty chasm, eventually resulting in the breakup of the rock. Because limestone is a soluble rock, water has carved dramatic undercuts, caves and crevices into the landscape.

October and November is usually the best time for diving in Raja Ampat, and Dunia Baru will be sailing here for the next few months. We’re looking forward to spectacular sightings, and serving many G&Ts and cocktails while watching the sun set behind these dramatic islands.

Interested to know where we sail? Take a look at the destinations page on our website.

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