Private Edition, September 2014

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We’re in the press again this month, this time in Private Edition, a magazine that targets South Africa’s highest net worth individuals. The feature was written by Narina Exelby, a travel journo who spent time onboard Dunia Baru just two weeks before Sangeang Api erupted. One of her highlights from her time with us was when she went snorkeling around Sangeang.

It really was an indescribable experience, being able to sweep my hands through these soft bubbles, the result of such force, such primeval movement from the physical base of our very existence,” she wrote in the feature. “The morning we snorkeled around Sangeang Api, we swam to the black sand beach, our footprints overlapping with those of wild buffalo, monitor lizards, monkeys and Sunda deer, and we sat quietly behind a tree as we watched a wild pig scratch for food on the beach, among rocks and broken corals.

What can we say? Spend time on Dunia Baru and we’ll show you a beautiful new world you’ll dream of for years once you’re back home!


2 responses to “Private Edition, September 2014

  1. During 64 years of life I have been blessed and have had many incredible life experiences. None match the last 3 weeks as a guest aboard Dunia Baru.

    Thanks to all the crew, Mark, Sari and Courtney for the trip of a lifetime.

    Steve Gerhartz

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