YachtStyle, summer 2014

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It may just be me, but “superyacht” implies to acres of snowy-white decks; lots of idleness while the discreet and plentiful crew look after your every whim; for the energetic lots of “toys” and things to do, and excursions; first-class food and drink; luxurious accommodation; big.

For one reason to another, although these terms emphatically do refer to the Dunia Baru, somehow “superyacht” isn’t the right term … “Superfriendlyship”, that’s Dunia Baru for me. We were treated like guests. House guests, not hotel customers, and the difference is all the difference in the world. … The crew were friendly – but not the butter-wouldn’t-melt tight-lipped smile of the swiss-trained steward on your typical suparyacht deck. The chap serving me my cocktails had first been employed as the electrician who did the lighting, and currently doubled as the topmast man, shinning barefoot up the main to raise and lower the topsail between topmast and the gaff of the mainsail. And swarming headfirst down the shrouds afterwards, delight written all over his face.

Thanks, Nic Boyde, for the fantastic feature you wrote on Dunia Baru, which is in the summer issue of YachtStyle. This six-page story really does capture the essence of the yacht… perhaps we should rethink our marketing and start to call Dunia Baru a “superfriendlyship”…


One response to “YachtStyle, summer 2014

  1. That’s not a bad idea! One of my Indonesian friends used to say: you can buy a house but not a home… Accordingly: You can buy good service in many places but not the genuine friendliness you get on Dunia Baru!


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