It’s not all about the dives…

Ramon diving

Dunia Baru’s dive instructor Ramon Estrada cut his teeth diving his home reefs around Cozumel, Mexico, but he’s spent almost decade exploring the legendary marine wildernesses of Indonesia. “What I like most about sailing on Dunia Baru is that, although you can dive your heart out with four dives each day if you want to, there are also so many other things to do,” he says. “We have enough watersports activities to keep you busy for weeks and in these islands there’s always the chance to explore on land. Indonesia is such a wonderfully diverse country, and I think that many dedicated divers miss out on a lot of what this country has to offer.”

That said, Ramon admits that some of the best diving he’s ever done in the world is around Raja Ampat, which is where Dunia Baru is based between October and February. And what’s the diving around Komodo like? See for yourself…


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