Sangeang: photo sequence of the eruption

What does an erupting volcano look like? This:

Sangeang Api


This sequence of photographs was shot by the crew of Dunia Baru, who were about 10 miles away from Indonesia’s Sangeang Api when it erupted yesterday.

“Our group was diving, and about 10 minutes before they surfaced we noticed smoke beginning to rise,” says Courtney Robba, Dunia Baru’s operations manager. “By the time our guests got back to the boat 15 minutes later the sun was almost blocked out. We quickly set sail and outran the ash for about two hours.”

When Dunia Baru stopped briefly outside the port town of Labuan Bajo on Flores, small glass-like black particles of ash began to fall and everyone onboard could smell the fumes. “By this point the sky was totally blacked out in the direction we had come from, and you could see the edge of the sunset peeking out just barely from the edges of the ash cloud,” said Courtney.

Click here to view the image we posted yesterday, and to see a video of what the volcano looked like underwater just two weeks ago.


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