Dunia Baru crew witnesses volcanic eruption near Sumbawa

Sangean volcano Indonesia

Click here to see a photo sequence of the eruption, shot by Dunia Baru crew

On 30 May 2014 Sangeang Api, which is close to Sumbawa in Indonesia, erupted – in full view of Dunia Baru.

Although our dive master and guests were diving at the time, Dunia Baru’s operations manager Courtney Robba was on deck and saw the eruption clearly from a distance of about 10 miles. She took the picture above, and will be sending us more information, which we’ll share with you, as soon as her Internet signal improves.

Recent guests on Dunia Baru have been able to witness first-hand the submarine gases bubbling out through the coral and sand (and even pushed their hands into the vent to feel the heat). Travel writer and underwater photographer Kara Murphy shot the video below two weeks ago – you’ll see her video of Sangean at 32 seconds, and the bubbles at around 50 seconds.

There was never any risk to Dunia Baru, and everyone onboard is safe. However, things don’t look so good for the wild pig and buffalo that we saw on the beach at Sangeang a few weeks ago.

To stay tuned for updates from our crew (ever wondered what it’s like to watch a volcano explode?), please sign up to follow this blog (the button is on the right of your screen). We’ll post updates from the crew as soon as we receive them; in the mean time, you read this post about Sangeang Api on Wired by Erik Klemetti, an assistant professor of Geosciences at Denison University. 

2 responses to “Dunia Baru crew witnesses volcanic eruption near Sumbawa

  1. That’s an incredible photo! We were there just last week. And yes, I also dug around the sand and the vents. A little bit warm and a beautiful sight to see the bubbles over the black sand at the end of a great dive.


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