What’s the big deal about Raja Ampat?

NJ-Dunia Baru-soft corals Indonesia-HR

Raja Ampat should be on the bucket list of anyone who’s ever put on a mask and snorkel. Dunia Baru will be spending five months each year around that archipelago so you might think that we’re biased, but scientists and dive masters will back us up: Raja Ampat is absolutely spectacular, and here you will see fish and corals that you’ll not find anywhere else in the world.

Tropical marine scientist Dr Mark Erdmann is a senior advisor to Conservation International, and has been working in and around Raja Ampat since 2002. In this interview with NBC News, he chats about the scientific significance of Raja Ampat and his underwater experiences.

“Raja Ampat is the global epicenter of marine diversity in the world. This region has over 600 species of coral. By comparison the entire Caribbean Sea has only 58 species.” – Dr Mark Erdmann

To read the full interview, please take a look at the original article here.


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